It best suits to:
– Restaurant Menu
– Auto Sales Presentation
– Technology sales
– etc.
It Works in this way:
You can create user for free, register your products/services, and in the end the web application will generate your unique QRCode, from which scan, client will see directly all your products. All changes are double in REAL TIME.


LocScan is application which helps the company to have in control every detail about their Employees. You can manage all your employee Time Schedule, Job Duties, Job Processes, Meetings, Meeting Locations, Job Done Location, Vehicles, Vehicle Processes, Gas Consumption, Inside Messages, Upload Image from Meeting or Job Process, etc.

Practice Math

Math game with different categories:

– Addition

– Subtraction

– Multiplication

– Division


Within categories, you may choose a level of learning/practicing:

– from 0 to 9

– from 10 to 99

– from 100 to 999, and

– from 1000 to 9999


Download for free and start learning today, and test your math skills.