Qur’an FAQ’s

What is the Qur’ān?

The Qur’ān is the holy book for Muslims. It remains in its original form preserved in the exact language revealed to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The Qur’ān is not the words of the Prophet Muhammad inspired by God, rather it is the direct words of God.

What does the word “Qur’ān” mean?

The word refers to the holy scripture of Islam, however, linguistically it means “the most recited” or “the most read.” The name is part of its miracle because there is no book in the world that is recited more than the Qur’ān. Millions of Muslims recite the Qur’ān daily and it is also recited during the five daily prayers.

When was the Qur’ān revealed?

The Qur’ān was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in 610. The Prophet peace be upon him continued to receive revelation over a period of 23 years.

How is the Qur’ān preserved?

The early Muslims wrote the Qur’ān, but they also memorized it by heart. Since its revelation, Muslims have strived to memorize the parts of the Qur’ān or its entirety. Today, millions of Muslims have the entire Qur’ān memorized by heart. Parts of it are also recited in the 5 daily prayers. Therefore, if someone tries to change the Qur’ān, others will quickly catch it because they commit it to memory. A good example would be if someone tried to change the words to a national anthem or change the order of the alphabets. So many people have it memorized that it’s impossible to change without others noticing.

What are the main teachings of the Qur’ān?

The central message of the Qur’ān is the oneness of God. One who reads the Qur’ān will quickly notice that God’s oneness is the most important message contained in the Qur’ān. Other major themes of the Qur’ān include belief in all Prophets and Messengers, belief in the hereafter, and belief in previous scripture.

How many chapters are in the Qur’ān?

The Qur’ān contains 114 chapters, some chapters are long and might have around 300 verses while others are as short as 3 verses.

Are there different versions of the Qur’ān?

No, there is only one version of the Qur’ān. All Muslims, regardless of which sect they belong to, agree that the Qur’ān we have today is the exact version that was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

How should non-Muslims treat the Qur’ān?

The Qur’ān is the holy book of 1.5 billion people. Muslims consider it to be the direct word of God when it is in Arabic. Therefore, anyone who has a copy of the Qur’ān is requested to treat the book with respect. This includes not placing it in dirty places, taking it into the restroom, or degrading it in any way.

Does the Qur’ān tell Muslims to kill non-Muslims?

Nowhere in the Qur’ān does it instruct Muslims to kill anyone based on their faith. The Qur’ān does allow self-defense and contains limits and instructions on fighting. One will find verses in the Qur’ān commanding Muslims to fight oppression, but never does it say to kill others simply based on their faith. To the contrary, the Qur’ān commands Muslims to be just, not transgress, and have good relations with people of other faiths. For more info read the article Does Islam Teach Hatred and Violence?

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